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Oscar Wilde Tours
Gay Owned Tour Operator in New York, NY, USA
Gay Owned Cambridge, Massachusetts Tour Operator

Luxury guided tours focused on gay history. Exclusive experiences, including visits to places normally closed to the public and lectures by prominent gay authors and performers. Our 2014 tour follows Oscar Wilde's life from Dublin to Paris. Gay Italy in 2015, Greece in 2016.

Our Upcoming Tours

Oscar Wilde's London and Paris 2018 Oscar Wilde's London and Paris 2018 - England, London: The Chesterfield Mayfair, 35 Charles St.
When: Custom Website: Click Here
This 9 day tour includes 4 nights in each city. See London and Paris a whole new way: these are not only Europe's two great metropolises, they are also its two great *gay* metropolises. From Shakespeare to Stephen Fry, King Henri III to Yves St.-Laurent, gay people have had a huge role in both cities' histories and cultures.

Let gay historian Dr. Andrew Lear and his staff of gay guides show you both cities from the gay perspective. We will have walking tours of neighborhoods with key roles in gay history, such as Bloomsbury and the Marais; gay tours of monuments and museums, such as the National Portrait Gallery and the Louvre; and excursions to places with fascinating gay histories, such as the Castle of Chenonceau and Bletchley Park, where gay hero Alan Turing broke the Nazi's secret codes, helping to save the Western World.

A trip which combines fun, learning, and pride. Top-level 4 star hotels, excellent (often historic) restaurants: 8 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 1 tea, 1 dinner.

Gay Greece Tour 2018 Gay Greece Tour 2018 - Greece, Attica, Athens: Herodion Hotel, 4 Rovertou Galli St.
When: Custom Website: Click Here
The ancient Greeks are important to all of us because they are the inventors of so much in our culture - democracy, philosophy, theater and art. Yet they are even more important to gay people - because they practiced same-sex love and associated it with positive values such as education, loyalty and courage. Discover your roots on this eye-opening 9 day/8 night tour of Greek culture and its gay side, from Achilles to Athens to Alexander. Let Professor Andrew Lear, world renowned expert on Ancient Greek sexuality and master guide, show you through this fascinating country. You will see the main sights (the Athenian Acropolis, Olympia, Delphi) and learn about their history - both the standard history and the usually ignored same-sex side - and also lesser-known sights of importance to gay history, such as the Lion Monument of Chaironeia.

A trip which combines fun, learning, and pride. Top-level 4 and 5 star hotels, excellent restaurants: 9 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners, and an optional traditional Greek cooking lesson.

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2018 Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2018 - Ireland, Dublin: Iveagh Garden Hotel
When: May 10 2018-May 14 2018 Website: Click Here
Spend four days in the charming, super gay-friendly city of Dublin. Take in the world's only annual gay theatre festival, and much more: a play at the famous Abbey Theatre, a splendid afternoon tea, 2 gay history walking tours, and an excursion to the ravishing lake country where Oscar Wilde went to school. Includes meetings with several Irish gay celebs, including the Senator who single-handedly overturned Ireland's sodomy law and the director of the theatre festival.

Gay Italy, from Caesar to Michelangelo and Beyond Gay Italy, from Caesar to Michelangelo and Beyond - Italy, Lazio, Rome: Florence at the Hotel de la Ville, via degli Ant
When: Custom Website: Click Here
This tour reveals the gay side of Italy's history and art. We spend 4 days exploring Rome, 3 around Naples (including excursions to Pompeii, Paestum, and Capri), and 2 in Florence, taking in the fabulous art, architecture, and cuisine -- all while learning about Italy's same-sex past: from the wild sex lives of the Caesars to the Renaissance revival of same-sex love to modern Italian gay greats such as Pasolini and Valentino. This tour is a feast for the senses and a fascinating encounter with the gay past.

Gay Amsterdam Tour 2018 Gay Amsterdam Tour 2018 - Netherlands, Amsterdam: Ink Hotel Amsterdam
When: Aug 22 2018-Aug 25 2018 Website: Click Here
Spend three days in Amsterdam with gay history professor Andrew Lear, and get to know the city where tolerance was invented in the 17th century and where the first gay marriages took place in 2001.

Greenwich Village Gay History Walking Tour Greenwich Village Gay History Walking Tour - USA, NY, New York: Union Square
When: Saturdays Until Autumn, 2:30 PM Website: Click Here
On this tour, we venture to Washington Square and into the heart of the West Village, where the gay liberation movement took off, with the Stonewall riots in 1969 and the first Gay Pride parade a year later. But the Village's gay history starts a century before that, in the time when Walt Whitman hung out in a beer cellar at the corner of Broadway and Bleecker.

Since then, like Paris's Left Bank, the Village has been the center of all of New York's many countercultures and artistic movements, from the Bohemians of the 1920s to the Beats, the Abstract Expressionists, the New York School, the creators of Off (and Off-Off) Broadway, and of course the gay liberation movement.

During this tour, we see the places where Villagers have lived and loved, including the sites of the drag shows and gay bars which have dotted the Village for 150 years - and of course the Stonewall Inn.

The list of LGBT greats we discover reads like a history of American culture: Herman Melville and Henry James, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Eleanor Roosevelt, James Baldwin, Edward Albee, Allen Ginsberg, Andy Warhol, and Robert Mapplethorpe, as well as gay icon Billie Holiday.

Queer Art Tour of the Metropolitan Museum Queer Art Tour of the Metropolitan Museum - USA, NY, New York: Metropolitan Museum
When: Fridays / Sundays, 6 PM / 10:30 AM Website: Click Here
Join us for an entirely new concept: an exploration of homoerotic art in the Metropolitan Museum.

On this tour, we discover some of the Met's queer treasures, from ancient Greek nudes to homoerotic paintings from the Renaissance and a panoply of modern works, some by LGBT artists, some portraying LGBT people.

We learn about famous pieces - from Michelangelo's Cupid to Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein - but in addition we explore lesser-known artists and works that are often ignored. And we delve into the fascinating forms of homosexuality in other cultures, such as same-sex initiation rites in New Guinea, represented in the Met's Oceania collection.

It's all part of the hidden gay story in one of the great museums of the world, which you'll never look at the same way again.

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