Coliseum/Forum/Palatine Hill

Coliseum and an Archeogical Dig

Coliseum & Triumphal Arch

Soldiers reporting for Their Shift

The Usual View

Inside The Coliseum Walls

Where They Kept the Lions...

The Forum From the Coliseum

Not What it Used to Be

The Forum

One of the Roman Roads

North End of the Forum

In The Forum

The Senate Building

Still the Forum

Wide View

Still Standing

Not Still Standing

Fountain on the Edge of the Palatine Hill

Old Ruins Embedded in a Modern Wall Near the Circus Maximus

The Palatine Hill

Palace on the Palatine Hill

Stadium of Domitian on Palatine Hill

On the Palatine Hill

Coming Out Bar Near the Coliseum

Basillica of Maxentius

Basillica of Maxentius from the Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill and the Forum

Museums Near the Forum

Museums Near the Forum

The Perfect Cool-Down Fountain

Museums Near the Forum

Museums Near the Forum

Tomb of Julius Caesar

Tomb of Julius Caesar