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Request to Add a New Accommodation Listing to Purple Roofs

PURPLE ROOFS is a directory of individully owned, short-term (available by the night) accommodation rentals (we don't list long-term rental properties).

We invite Innkeepers to submit a Free Listing request on your lodging property for the PURPLE ROOFS site!

Important - please carefully read all of the instructions on the form.

If you have any questions about these listings, please contact us at wheretostay@purpleroofs.com.

If this is a CHANGE to an existing listing:
click here instead for the proper form

Note: Please do *not* use ALL CAPS or all lowercase when completing this form.
(Doing so will slow down the processing of your request)

Check The End of This Form For a Special One-Time Upgrade Offer

Address Info
Accommodation Type (required):

Select your property type, if you have several types in one property at the same address (b&b, vacation rental, etc), select mixed. Nightly, short-term lodging only.

Name of Property (lodging business only - required):

The property name must be unique to your lodging property and must match the lodging property name used on your website (don't submit a "want ad" name, e.g. "Beautiful Large House". The name must be a true business name (e.g., Main Street Inn). All names are subject to verification by our editors. If a condo/apartment, do not use the name of the complex in the name field.

Note: Individual properties at one address only. PURPLE ROOFS doesn't post management / rental agencies.

Physical Street Address
(exact & complete details REQUIRED;
one single address per listing):
City (required):

If applicable, include Island after the city, except in Hawaii


This will help us at a later date if we need to split up states and provinces into smaller regions for your area. This field will not show up on your listing.


United Kingdom: please also enter your county/shire name here, or your region name in Scotland

Zip/Postal Code:

US - list five digit zip only, not zip plus 4

Country (required):

If US, list as USA; others, spell out country name.

Phone Numbers

US/Canada/Caribbean: Enter in this format:
1 808 888-8888
All Other Countries: Enter Country Code, City Code, Phone Number as follows:
+44 01 11111111

Local Phone # (required):
Toll Free #:
Fax #:
Mobile #:
Contact & Ownership Info
Name of Host(s) (required):

Names only, please, no titles. Max 2 names

"Reservations" Email Address (required):

No spaces or non-letter/numeric characters other than dash, period, underscore, @ allowed. This will be included with an "Email Us" link on your listing.

Website Address (required):

This will be included with a "Visit Our Website" link on your listing. (Site must be custom tailored to represent this lodging property only - not a shared website or a webpage from a directory or other source. Site must be fully operational in English.)

Is Your Property (required):

Gay Owned
Lesbian Owned
Bisexual Owned
Transgender Owned
Gay/Lesbian Friendly

Clientele (required):

ie: who feels welcomed at your inn? All you select will be shown on your free listing. To be listed in this directory, you MUST select at least one other choice besides "straight".

Gay Men





Description & Amenities
Headline (required):

8 words or less, will be edited down to one line. Should be something special about your place, ie: Best Pancakes In Milwaukee". Please type this in Title Case (caps at the start of each word). This should *not* be the name of your property.

Lodging Description (required)

Paragraph format only (1 paragraph max)

60 Word Maximum

Describe your property's unique characteristics. This field is designed to convey general information about your lodging services in 60 words or less. Text will be edited for appropriateness and/or to meet the 60 word maximum requirement. Only property description text will be posted.

Note: Many amenities are listed below, so you won't have to include them in your text description. We'll edit as appropriate.

Bathrooms (required):
Internet Access (required):

Note: Choose one option - wireless in room is preferred if you offer it. If you offer more than one, you can mention this in your sixty word description..

Nonsmoking Rooms Available? (required):

Do you have non-smoking rooms available?

Views (required):

2 words maximum

No View


















or Other:

Handicap Access (required):
Children Welcome? (required):
Pets Welcome? (required):
Number of Rental Units (required):

Please list only the total number of rooms (properties with more than 25 rooms will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

Meals Included in Accommodation Price (required):

Please select no more than three

Cont. Breakfast

Full Breakfast

Cont/Full Brkfst






Afternoon Tea

Meals Not Included

3 Meals Included

Ratings (maximum of 2):

If you have been rated by AAA, Mobil, or another Accommodation Rating Agency, Please Note Your Rating Here.

AAA 1 Diamonds
AAA 2 Diamonds
AAA 3 Diamonds
AAA 4 Diamonds
AAA 5 Diamonds

Mobil 1 Star
Mobil 2 Stars
Mobil 3 Stars
Mobil 4 Stars
Mobil 5 Stars


Rates and Policies
Rate Range per night (required):

Do not include currency symbols or text in these fields - only whole numbers will appear on the Free Listing.

If you wish, you can list whether your rates are Per Person or per Couple, etc in your 60 word description above.

Low End amt
High End amt

Type of Currency (required):

Please choose the currency your rates are quoted in; if your currency is not listed, please enter it in the text box instead.

Rates Highest From (required)

Default is "Same Year Round" - if your rates do not change during the year, please check the Same Year Round box.

If your rates do change during the year, please enter either The Season (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall) or The Month your rates are highest, or the START DATE for your highest rates.

Enter dates as a three character month followed by the day, ie: Oct 21

Or click here if rates are Same Year Round

Rates Highest To:

If you entered a START DATE or SEASON for your highest rates, please enter your END DATE or SEASON for your highest rates

Payment Method (required):

What payment methods do you accept? Select as many as apply



Money Order

Trav Checks






Debit Card




Carte Blanche

General Discount Description (required):

If discounts are offered, please describe in 8 words or less. (Short Term only - 1 week or less)

This is a YEAR ROUND discount that MUST be a Percent or Dollar amount off your regular published nightly rates and does not include specials such as a free meal, etc. If you don't provide a percent or dollar amount off on a YEAR ROUND basis, the default of "No" will populate this field.

If you do not offer discounts, check the No Discounts box.

If no General Discount offered, check here

Would You Like to Offer a Purple Roofs Discount? (required):

This is a YEAR ROUND discount that MUST be a Percent or Dollar amount off your regular published nightly rates and does not include specials such as a free meal, etc.. If you don't provide a percent or dollar amount off on a YEAR ROUND basis, the default of "No" will populate this field.

The Purple Roofs discount is separate from the General Discount noted above.

This discount will be offered to folks who find you through our newsletter or website.

No, check here
or Yes, check here and make a choice below:









Or Other (use % sign):

Or Other (use $ sign):

Changed my mind - reset to blank

Optional Purple Roofs Discount Description:

If discount only applies under certain circumstances, list them here in 8 words or less. You may wish to say "Not combinable with other discounts", etc. (Short Term only: 1 week or less)

Do you want to offer a commission to Travel Agents who book clients into your property? (required):

Choose either No if you do not offer commissions, or Yes and a % or dollar option if you do.

Remember, agent discounts can encourage these folks to send their clients to your property. But they should be carefully thought out as well to avoid potential abuse. Many properties require an agent's IATA number, specify that commissions are not combinable with other discounts/offers, etc.

Look through some of the Purple Roofs accommodations listings if you want to get an idea of how other innkeepers handle agent commissions.

No, check here

...or if Yes, make a choice below:









Or Other (use % sign):

Or Other (use $ sign):

Changed my mind - reset to blank

Travel Agent Commission Description:

If commissions are offered, please describe any restrictions, etc in 8 words or less. You can also put something like "Ask for details".

Privacy and Email List Consent*

Please consent to our current privacy policy and let us know if you will allow us to periodically send emails to you to verify, update, and upgrade your listing with us.

We are a human edited directory. In order to keep Purple Roofs up to date, we periodically remove listings we are unable to contact.


By clicking here, you agree to our terms and privacy policy

Yes, please keep me on your email list for travel news, events, info and offers. My email address will not be shared with anyone else without my explicit consent.

No, I do not want to receive travel news, events, info and offers from Purple Roofs.


How Did You Find Us?

Search Engine:
Received an Email Invite
Found Us on Twitter
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Flyer at Event
Saw a notice in the Purple Roofs email newsletter
Heard about from Altraverse Travel Directory

Any Other Comments?

Use this space to send us any thoughts/questions/comments etc. you have. This information will not be included in your free listing.

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Must purchase upgrade at time of new listing submission. Valid for new listings only.

Note: the innkeeper/listing submitter is solely responsible for compliance with federal, state and local laws applicable to their business, and indemnifies and holds harmless PURPLE ROOFS from any and all liabilities arising from or due to their failure to comply with such laws.

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