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Inns for Sale Sign-Up:
Just $125 for 6 Months or $179 for 12 Months

Get an inns for sale listing on the Purple Roofs site, and get seen by thousands of folks over the next 6 months - we're running about 2,800 hits a month through the inns for sale pages. Renewals after the first 6 months are currently just $96 (6 mo) or $139 (12 mo). If you have any questions about these listings, please contact us at wheretostay@purpleroofs.com.

"I'm happy to express that I have recently sold the Inn, thanks to listing it on Purple Roofs. It really worked." --Glen, Phineas Swan B&B

"We had two showings this weekend via PurpleRoofs.com. Thanks!!!!!!!" --Kevin P. O'Connor, Graystone Inn

There are three steps: the property information entry, the payment information entry, and then the credit card entry (on a secure form).

Ready to Give It a Try?

It's really easy. All you have to do is complete the forms below.

Add Your Inns for Sale Listing
Step One: Enter Your Property Information
Broker Information
Real Estate Agent/Broker Name (required):

One name only. If no broker (for sale by owner), list your own name (one name only)

Real Estate Company:

If no broker (for sale by owner), leave blank

Real Estate Agent/Broker Phone (one name only, required):

If no broker, list your own phone

Real Estate Agent/Broker Email (required):

If no broker, list your own email

Property Information
Property Name (required):

Name of the property you're offering for sale, ie: "Happy B&B" (one address per listing). Leading "a" or "the" are not posted in the name field.

Street Address (required):

Street address for property being listed
(exact physical street address only, subject to verification)

City (required):

City for property being listed
(physical city location only, subject to verification)

State/Province (required):

State or Province for property being listed

Zip/Postal Code:

Zip Code or Postal Code for property being listed

Country (required):

Country for property being listed

Property Asking Price (required):
Currency (required):

or other:

Property "For Sale" Website:

Must be a page specific to the property for sale - link subject to approval

Is the property currently (required):

If not selected, "Gay Friendly" will be posted

Gay Owned
Lesbian Owned
Bisexual Owned
Transgender Owned
Gay Friendly (Straight Owned)

Are the current clientele (required):

Check as many as apply - if none chosen, "Gay Men & Lesbian" will be posted.

Gay Men

Listing Type:

Check one.

Hosted (Working B&B, Hotel, etc)
Vacation Rental (Apartment, Villa, etc)
Investment Sought in Existing Property
Share (selling time in existing property)
Potential Hosted Accommodation (not a B&B, etc yet)

Property Description (required):

60 words max (description only, no links, paragraph format. Will be edited as necessary)

Privacy and Email List Consent*

Please consent to our current privacy policy and to receiving our emails - you can revoke this consent at any time, but we require it to have a company listed on Purple Roofs, because we need to contact you from time to time to verify and update your listing.


By clicking here, you agree to our terms and privacy policy

Yes, please keep me on your email list for travel news, events, info and offers. My email address will not be shared with anyone else without my explicit consent.

No, I do not want to receive travel news, events, info and offers from Purple Roofs.


Any Comments?

Note: once your new Inn for Sale order has been submitted and reviewed, we will drop you an email with a picture request, along with the email address to send it to. (once the picture has been processed and posted, you may request a picture change at any time for the regular change fee of $20 per picture).

Click the button below, and you will be taken to step two, where you'll enter your contact information for payment of the listing.

Please note: Inn for Sale listings are non-transferrable and non-refundable. New Inn for Sale listings generally take 72 business hours to go live (week-ends/holidays excluded). The usual turnaround is same day, but usually 72 business hours is the norm.

Purple Roofs reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice to you, to change our Terms of Use in our sole and absolute discretion. Your use of the Purple Roofs Web site or continued use of our services after changes are made means that you agree to be bound by such changes.

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