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Everything to Sea
Bisexual Owned Tour Operator in Palm Springs, CA, USA
Bisexual Owned Tour Operator

Everything to Sea: Clothing-optional relaxed sailing trips for guys. These trips go beyond the superficial gay lifestyle, allowing guys to really delve into concepts like nudity, sexual freedom, body imagery, and the connective ties that bind all men.

Our boat - an all-wood traditional vessel - sails amongst islands in the calm and exotic Flores Sea, near Bali. Small group experiences, limited to 12 men as guests, plus our local crew, and two Western Leaders. All-inclusive prices, meaning not only food and drinks (even beer, wine and cocktails), but also some fun and unusual inclusions like massages and body-shaving. It's social, it's fun, it's connected... and it's naked.

Trip Highlights: "Prehistoric" Komodo dragons, night skies (thousands of stars!), the Coral Triangle with its staggering biodiversity. A beach made from red coral; other stunning and private beaches. The picturesque Padar Island - insanely Instagrammable. And the stalactite-filled swimming hole called Rangko Cave... literally, a turquoise tropical wonderland.

The clothing-optional element allows each guy to be as comfortable as he likes - whether in a speedo, sarong, or birthday suit. In a connected, friendly, chill atmosphere, guys can release sexual inhibitions as they release stress. Enjoy camaraderie, a relaxed vibe, and stunning nature - while au naturel.

Our Upcoming Tours

Everything to Sea Clothing-Optional 7 Day Sailing Trip Everything to Sea Clothing-Optional 7 Day Sailing Trip - Indonesia, Flores, Labuan Bajo: Labuan Bajo Dock
When: Jul 05 2019-Jul 11 2019, 7 AM Website: Click Here
Rangko Cave - Swim, marvel at the sunlight bouncing off the water. En route to our night anchorage, we'll snorkel at Pulau Burung, a small but stunning island with turquoise blue water and a white sand beach.

Kalong/ Flying Foxes - This is the perfect place to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in tranquil waters. We'll anchor at Pulau Kalong Rinca, to watch thousands of flying foxes head out into the sunset. There's nothing quite like seeing the largest bats on Earth, while enjoying a drink from our ship's bar.

Loh Baru, Komodo Dragons - Komoda Dragons are other-worldly beings who are truly amazing. And they're endemic to the islands of Komodo, which were declared a World Heritage Site about thirty years ago. Pulau Pedar, Pink Beach - Padar Island has a surreal quality, due to the different colored sand in each one of its bays - one's white, one's black, and one's pink. One of ten red beaches on the entire planet.

Gili Lawa, Manta Point - There the waters of two oceans meet to create a perfect underwater climate for Manta Rays. North of the national park, you'll see craggy rocks, sensuous hills, and mountains.

Pulau Tatawa Besar, Coral Triangle - Coral reefs, deposits from volcanoes, and rich marine biodiversity. The islands we visit have a rare form of beach: relatively dry, surrounded with endemic plants and cliffs that create visual privacy. We will visit Tatawa Besar and Pulau Sebayur where you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming.

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